General App Info

The SCCAOR Source App is an easy way to access SCCAOR Information. View the events calendar, news, housing stats, and more! Plus, SCCAOR has a robust Affiliate Membership. Find anything from insurance agents to organizers, all whom are members of the Association.

How do I find the events Calendar?

Simply press the hamburger icon and a menu will appear. The menu contains live links to the SCCAOR website. You will navigate to the events tab from there. 

Where can I find a Mortgage Broker?

A Mortgage Broker comes up with each Real Estate Transaction so you will find Mortgage Brokers in the Transaction Service Affiliates Directory.

  1. Click on “read” under the Transaction Service Affiliates Cover.
  2. Select the “financial/loan” icon and you will be directed to the Mortgage Category.
  3. Click on any phone number to call your chosen Mortgage Company. 
I'm an Affiliate Included in the App and my information is incorrect.

If your information is not featured correctly please submit a change request. Please email

I Need More Help

Please contact the Member Marketing, Inc team for help. You can email or Call 800-416-1905