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Support fellow DMAR Members! DMAR industry partners are invested in the success of REALTOR® Members. Use DMAR Home Kit whenever you need to find a local business.

Exclusive Offers

DMAR industry partners offer discounts exclusive to DMAR REALTOR® members. These discounts are sent out through push notifications. Don’t miss a deal!

Powerful Networking

DMAR industry partners work closely with the community. Partner with DMAR industry partners and exchange referrals. Referrals are easier to give when you have the info right on your phone. Use the DMAR built-in network and generate new agent referrals!

Home Services

DMAR has many partners who hold memberships with the Association. These are local businesses invested in the real estate community. In this business climate, it’s proven difficult to find reputable businesses that are ready to work. Look to DMAR Home Kit any time you or a client needs a business referral.

Transaction Services

DMAR has a robust community of businesses who help every step of the way during Real Estate Transactions. Find the businesses crucial to your success on DMAR Home Kit. 

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